2. VoiceNotes

It features a simple and intuitive user interface. With Audio Recorder, you can easily record and replay audio files.

You can also enable automatic SkyDrive upload and access your audio files on all your devices. Download Audio Recorder. This post was originally published in July and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy. Installing Android drivers on a PC should be a walk in a park. Continue Reading. Are you experiencing any form of lag while running it? This article is specially designed for you!

Do you encounter connection problems after an update?

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This guide will help you out. Radu Tyrsina. Aleksandar Ognjanovic. Daniel Segun. Cookies help us deliver our services. You can record your voice and save it on SkyDrive. You can even share your voice clips with your friends and loved ones through Facebook and other social networking sites. It has an advanced feature were you can cut and trim the voice file. Voice Recorder is a superb app to record voice and it is developed by ArturPelzak. This app takes not more than 1MB of your Phone memory to store. You can do so much more with the help of this app compared to other free voice recording apps on Windows Phone store.

Top 5 voice recording apps for Windows Phone, windows mobile recording

You can use these saved voice clips as your ringtone or you can even set them as your message tones. It has a smooth interface and colorful graphics that make it attractive. You can download Voice Recorder for 0. This app is developed by And We Accelerate. This app is gives you a bunch of more features to enhance your voice recording. It gives you amazing clarity to your files and it has a smooth interface which make it easy for you to work on. This is an advanced app to record voice on your Windows Phone. This app has been admired a lot by the users. Pocket Recorder has an amazing look to it.

It has a smooth interface and elite level graphics. The screen lights are also dimmed so that less power is used while running. Download this mind blowing app for free from Windows Phone store. You need to have this on your Windows Phone if you are really looking for a good voice recorder. This is another high-end voice recording app for Windows Phone by Yivosoft.

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This app supports more than 10 languages and it has a very colorful and attractive appearance to it. This app has been liked a lot by the users and it also got pretty impressive ratings.

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This app helps you get the right sound quality, it gives you the best. Yivosoft Recorder offers mind blowing features like pin recording to start screen, add Images to recordings, add a reminder alert, add a reminder flag while recording to be able to skip to that spot, fast Search, unlimited recording, recorder, Pause, one touch play back, advanced playback, Email any size recording without having to register, recorder on Startup, sync to PC With Easy Sync Desktop software even over the internet, no recording limit, run while locked, prevent Lock screen, record on startup and e-mail export and Cloud download for large files.

It runs fine on Windows 7, 7. And windows 8. You can record all the calls and save them as files. It has a pretty smooth interface and very cool and colorful graphics. Total Recall enhances the voice quality of the call. You can download total recall for free from Windows Phone Store. This is another tremendous voice recording app by Creation Soft.

Best Sound & Voice Recording Apps for Windows 10, 8

This app has a very unique feature were this app will scan your finger and detect it and allows you to record instantly. You can save that recorded file and share it with your friends through Facebook and other social networking sites. This app has a features which will help you change your voice and you can make funny clips out of them to laugh around with your friends.

This has a very smooth interface and simple graphics. Voice Changer has got a lot of positive reviews by the users and good rating. You can download Voice Changer for free from Windows Phone store. Ringtone Recorder is a wonderful app for recording voice and calls. This app is developed by Appshines. This app is packed with mind blowing features like automatic volume adjust via dynamic audio normalization, modifiable echo effect, play speed variations, funny voice transformations to Darth Vader, Man, Woman or Mickey Mouse, duet voice with Darth Vader, Man, Woman or Mickey Mouse, saves all recordings and most of all no annoying advertisements.

Ringtone Recorder has a smooth interface and pretty cool graphics. Sleep Recorder is a wonderful app designed and developed by Asleroid. This app does the weirdest and the funniest thing, records your sleep. Sleep Recorder records everything while you are asleep. It is helpful for those who doubt that they sleep-talk.


It has a pretty cool interface and a very colorful and attractive background. It is a simple and easy- to-use app to record your voice. This information is not shared or posted online. Upload a link of the recording to the cloud and share with friends and family, get quality recordings by placing your phone close to your bed, adjust microphone sensitivity, enjoy, share and have fun with your sleep talks. It has a lot of good reviews from the users and it is also rated well for its features.

You can download this spectacular app for free from Windows Phone Store. Voice Notes is a very decent and simple app. This app is developed by m. This is a very small app it only takes about 1MB of your mobile space. Users loved it because of its simple interface and lite background color. You can use the recorded files as your ringtones and message tones.

Detective is a state of the art app available for any windows phone. It helps your phone serve as a recording device only when there are sounds around the phone. This is useful as the silence or white noise does not get recorded saving you a lot of memory space as well as battery-life. The application allows you to alter the microphone sensitivity and the delay in the commencing of the recording.

It can be used efficiently when you would like to spy on someone or something by simply placing your mobile device close to the sound source. The closer the phone is placed to the source, the better the clarity of the recording.

Audio Recorder Pro for Windows Phone 8 (96kHz lossless recording)

The app can be used on hiking trips which verily enables you to record the nature, animals or anything that makes any sound around you. As it consumes a comparatively high amount of battery charge, it is advised to keep an eye on the phone to continue the recording. Detective is a must use app for those who like adventure and looking for a spy device.

Even better feature is that the app is absolutely free. This has an amazing feature were you can use your favorite songs track and record your voice over it to make it feel like you sang a song. This is a pretty useful app when someone wants to record their voice over their favorite song. You can also use this app to record funny clips and sounds and share them with your friends over Facebook and other social networking sites.

Download this funny app for free from Windows Phone Store. You can record your voice in high definition without any interruption.