One possible way to save is to switch from another provider. In that case, your new phone company might have a promotional deal that offers a limited-time discount on your monthly fees.

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You can get a deal on the iPad itself, though. That's because phone companies discount the price of the iPad if you sign a two-year contract, just like when you buy an iPhone. Signing that contract does lock you into 24 months of payments, but it can save you a bunch, too. If you're sure you'll be keeping 24 months of data service on your iPad, a contract can save you big money. Just be sure to keep an eye out for Early Termination Fees ETFs that penalize you for canceling before your contract is up. The prices listed above are for iPad-only data plans, but if you've already got at least one smartphone any kind; it doesn't have to be an iPhone with a phone company, check out their shared data plans.

Those plans often offer a better deal for multiple devices. The monthly charge for the device will almost always be less than the tablet data plan. As long as you don't go over your monthly data limit, you'll save money.


Share Pin Email. Check with your device manufacturer. Sorry, your device is not compatible with our network. Good news!

Which Company Has the Best iPad Data Plans?

Your 4G device is compatible with our data network at 4G speeds. While your 2G device is compatible with our data network, its data speeds will be painfully slow. No match found. Try searching again and selecting a device that appears in the drop-down menu. Bringing over a used device? PT and Sat-Sun from 6 a.

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The steps are simple: See How to Switch for more information on switching to T-Mobile. Then start using it.

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If you have your new device, or new SIM card for an existing device, then you can transfer or port your phone number in one of two ways:. If you plan to purchase a new device or SIM card online, you will have the option to transfer your number during checkout. To check the transfer eligibility of your existing number or to find more information about transferring your number during online checkout, see Transfer your phone number to T-Mobile. If you plan to purchase a new device or SIM card from a T-Mobile store, then you can transfer your number at the time of purchase.


It stands for Subscriber Identity Module. Why choose T-Mobile? Only TMO provides you with the lowest upfront cost on our latest tablets with no annual service contract and no overages on our nationwide 4G LTE network. At T-Mobile, we've changed the game completely. With our T-Mobile One plan, we separate the cost of the device from the cost of your service.

Bring your own eligible device and your monthly bill is even less! There are no annual service contracts, and no overages. Learn more about how T-Mobile is changing the game. Limited time offer; subject to change. Cards will not have cash access and can be used everywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted. Card terms and conditions apply. You must submit rebate request within 14 days of port-in and be active and in good standing when rebate is processed; allow up to 8 weeks. Max Not combinable with some offers e. T-Mobile has not made any determination as to the call quality, performance, or other functionality of these devices.

Get a 4G data plan on your iPad now.

Please note: If you believe your device is compatible with T-Mobile's network and do not see it listed above, please call our customer care line at or visit a T-Mobile store. Limited-time offers; subject to change.

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Taxes and fees additional. Not all features available on all devices.

Device unlocking: Check your warranty and contract with your carrier to see what conditions apply to unlocking your device. General Terms: Credit approval and deposit may be required. Device and screen images simulated. Coverage not available in some areas.

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