Unfortunately, the new version of Top Eleven does not support the web browser you are using. Get Firefox and enjoy the latest update! Please try a different browser or contact our Player Support. Guide your team to victory! Top Eleven is the most popular online sports game in the World!

Create and manage your own team, while competing with millions of other players across multiple platforms! Log In with Facebook. Why do you need my info? We only need access to your public Facebook information. The primary use of your basic information, like name, photo and friends list is to allow us to give you the best possible experience with the game. We will be able to personalize your team, rank you among your friends and much more.

Connecting with Facebook also allows you to play with your team on multiple devices. If you lose or upgrade your device, you will be able to continue your progress with your old team if you were previously connected with Facebook!

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We take your privacy very seriously, and will never give out information to third-parties. We will also never post or message your friends without your explicit permission. It can make anybody feel annoyed and it goes same with me. Lately, I eradicate all my issues with Top Eleven Hack which is a server based program. Due to better compatibility with Smartphone and ease of using, I gained numerous benefits and saved a good amount of money.

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Hundreds of things are there to do but focusing on all of them is really typical with this complicated and dense game. However, you can take care of all the issues by doing the below given things most of time. I made a list of things with the higher importance and you can try out all of these to play better and get rid of all with ease. Below given are three major things requiring the attention and you should focus on each one to progress faster. This game is taking place in real time which means you have to do all the important things like managing your team every day.

It is not like other soccer games where you can earn currencies and use it to buy players. You always need to focus on making your team better every day here. It is my personal Top Eleven Review and you can find someone else saying similar or may be opposite thing. Believe it or not! But, if you manage your team everyday then progression becomes easier than usual and you can obtain higher amount of currencies.

Most of popular games that are related to sports offer daily reward and it is really beneficial. It provides a basic amount and it makes things reliable.

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You can collect the daily reward with daily login and it is way better than spending money on in-app purchases. Tokens are really important in this game and it is premium currency. Or, you can try out connecting game account to Facebook. If you connect the account then a decent amount of token will be added to your account.


By completing simple tasks, earning a decent amount of tokens become easier and you can try this method. With the purchase, everything is easy but still, you should try to collect maximum number possible and spend fewer amounts to avoid any kind of issue.

Top Eleven 2019 - How to get Tokens and Cash - Top Eleven Cheats Android/iOS

These are few common things that can help in many ways and it is better option. You can easily be the best gamer by relying on these. In order to avoid every kind of issue, try to manage every player and set the lineup. Mainly, lineup can improve the chances of winning just as Top Eleven Cheats is doing.