Delete an email account
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Tap POP3 account. Key in the username for your email account.

Add a Gmail account

Tap the drop down list below "Security type". Tap None. Tap the field below "Port" and key in Tap the drop down list below "Delete email from server". Tap Never or When I delete from Inbox. Key in smtp. Tap Require sign-in until the function is turned off. Tap the drop down list below "Peak schedule".

Tap Never or the required period.

How do I set up gmail or Hotmail on my Samsung Galaxy device?

Tap the drop down list below "Off-peak schedule". To switch between these 2 accounts, tap the Menu icon on the top left corner, and then select the account that you want.

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Repeat Step 1 — 6 to add more Gmail accounts. Email app: And the setup can be done either manually or automatically.

Perform a Gmail Sync - Samsung Galaxy Note II | Verizon Wireless

Tap the Menu button, and then select Settings. On the Settings screen, tap Add account. On the Set up email screen, enter your email account and password, and then tap Manual setup. Tapping Next would instruct the Email app to configure your email account automatically, which only works well with Internet email services such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL and etc. Next, select the type of email account that you want. Fill in the incoming server settings and tap Next.

Disable Auto-Sync in E-mail/Gmail to save battery life on Galaxy Note 2 with Android 4.3

Fill in the outgoing server settings and tap Next. On the Account options screen, customize the email syncing frequency for both peak and normal hours, ensure both Sync Email and Notify me when email arrives are checked, and then tap Next to continue. Finally, tap Done to complete the setup. Set up a Internet email account automatically If you have a Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL account and you wish to manage it using the pre-installed Email app, the setup can be done pretty much automatically.

Launch the Email app on your phone. On the Set up email screen, enter the email account and password, and then tap Next. The Email app will configure the incoming and outgoing server settings automatically. This is often overlooked and a lot of people often do not take into consideration that perhaps the cause of sync issues is the lack of good internet connection.

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  4. Solution 4: If all else fail, you need to make compromise. The solutions we provided here are based on reports and testimonies from owners who have encountered these problems.

    Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE

    I also ask my XDA developer friends regarding some of the problems. Possible Causes Gmail sync is not turned on. Incorrect credentials. Two-step verification recently activated.