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I used the app for two months and found that my restless nights more or less lined up with what the data was telling me.

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In terms of the app waking me up in moments of light sleep I certainly felt more gently roused, however a contributing factor to this could also be the very gentle and rising alarm tone that the app uses. It does this using either your iPhone or Apple Watch sensors. The app contains many tracking features, such as heart rate and sleep quality. This app is much the same as sleep cycle. Personally I found the dashboard a little more complicated as the app tracks not just your stages of sleep but your heart rate and, if you want, makes audio recordings and displays them all in different ways.

I imagine it would be interesting if you lives in a more metropolitan area you could measure the sounds that happen around your bedroom with the quality of your sleep. AutoSleep requires an Apple Watch to track and assess your sleep. A point of difference with this app is that it does not require you to turn it on and off before and after you sleep.

All you need to do is configure AutoSleep and wear your watch to bed, and the app will do the rest. The data it collects, namely when you sleep and the quality of your sleep, is displayed in a unique clock interface. For added accuracy, you can configure the app to match your habits.

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Though these features improve accuracy, they also mean the app is more complex to use. It works best if you consistently charge your phone at night, wear your watch to bed, and go to bed at approximately the same time every night. Also my unfamiliarity with the Apple watch mean the device format did not appeal to me. This app is a spin-off that focuses on helping users power nap. The app can be set to various modes, including Power Nap 20 mins , Recovery Nap 45 mins.

In addition to waking you up after your nap, the app will help you fall asleep with a soothing sound generator. The app is very basic, and will not collect or analyze data for you to look at. Interesting version of the Sleep Cycle app. I installed this to try it out. I imagine it would be very useful for people leading certain lifestyles. However I do not really factor naps into my day so my usage was purely academic.

It arranges your sleep data into detailed tables that provide long-term information about your sleeping patterns and the quality of your sleep. The app will let you play back recordings of the sounds you make at night, including sleep talking. It will also wake you up at the best moment in your sleep cycle. SleepBot also has a website so that you can view or share your sleep data online in addition to on your phone.

Obviously the biggest point of difference with this app is that it is free. However, I found I snoozed a lot more often with this app, suggesting to me the movement tracking was not quite as good as some of the other apps.

EmFit QS Connection free sleep tracker

By getting up during a light sleep cycle, you will feel better rested and more energized. Among them, you will see your long-term sleep trends as well as how the weather impacts your slumber and a heart monitor. You will also receive sleep notes as well as information about your wake-up mood, and it all will be backed up online. It does all this while delivering an unparalleled level of luxury in bedding and towels.

They breathe. And you can feel good about supporting a family-owned business that watches out for its farmers and employees. Just click on any of the social media buttons on the side. Please share this information with everyone. Just click on any of the social media buttons below.

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  • Join the 3. Next Story. Previous Apps Spy game helps you learn a new language. Along the way, make the most of helpful tips to remain motivated to achieve your goal. Beyond activity tracking, the app lets you log food faster using the barcode scanner. Check out your meal history and also get vital nutritional advice. Even better, Fitbit works with more than devices so that you can monitor your result with more flexibility.

    Pillow has been a top-notch sleep tracker for iOS. The app provides advanced sleep analysis algorithm as per the latest scientific findings. You can choose from an extensive library of wake up sounds. It tracks both the motion as well as sound patterns of your sleep and wakes you up at the right up. Thus, you get up with a refreshed mind and renewed energy. You can track your mood when you wake up and also add a suitable note after every session. Furthermore, Pillow also offers personalized tips so that you can enjoy dreams like never before.

    9 Apps that Help You Monitor Your Sleep | Joan Lunden

    The app works efficiently in tracking sleep patterns and finding out the secret of the amazing dreams. You can use the helpful tips to make necessary changes in your daily life so that you will have the best sleep. Choose from a wide range of relaxing sounds to fall asleep. Lastly, after a week of free trial, you will need to upgrade to Sleepzy premium. MotionX boasts an intensive set of sleep tracking features with things like background noise for inducing sleep. While it provides the basic features like optimal wake-up cycle based on how you sleep, the app also offers options to pick your favorite song as the alarm.

    That aside, it can also let you track your activities such as steps, aerobic steps to help you remain fit. Check out how many calories you have burnt and put your best effort to get rid of the extra fat.

    SleepScore launches free app to use smartphone to monitor sleep

    It offers up to 20 built-in alarms and allows you to choose from tons of high-quality sounds. You will also use your favorite peaceful sound to fall asleep. The app features a comprehensive sleep lab where you can find out the actual condition of your slumber. With the insightful weekly and monthly graphs, it shows the real picture and assists you to improve your performance.

    The app comes with an instant heart rate integration to let you check your pulse. Plus, you can back up your data to the cloud and restore it at the preferred time. Sleep Better can significantly improve your sleep and help you wake up each morning with refreshed energy. It lets you easily track your sleep duration, cycles and provides a better understanding of your deep sleep, light sleep and time spent awake in bed. You can also enter daily habits as well as variables like alcohol consumption, the stress level to find out the effect of these things on your sleep.