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Please take a moment to review the Statement of Support. Scroll down until you see the sections Private Key and Certificate. Copy the contents of each section into a new file on your server and name the file with the.

You want this to be your pem file instead. Change that line to point to your file which you saved earlier in that directory. Your two files should look like this snippet.

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Now, you and your site users should be able to use your SSL certificate to securely send email using various mail programs. SSH to your server as the root user. In order to do this, you must first make sure that you have root login enabled from the account center. Create a backup of the default dovecot. Create a backup of the default postfix.

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Copy the replacement key and ssl certificate into and create the dovecot. Replace default dovecot. Replace default postfix. Verify permissions and root ownership root: Check the box to trust the certificate and eliminate the certificate error messages for your mail client. Community dv Article. Applies to: DV Difficulty: Medium Time Needed: SSH, root or sudo access, Plesk administrator access Applies to: SSH, root or sudo access, Plesk administrator access.

Overview By using SSL for email, you ensure that communications between your personal computer and your server will be encrypted. Instructions These instructions are for Plesk Onyx 17 and above.

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Plesk Onyx introduced the ability to quickly secure your mail server. These instructions are for Pl 1.

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Instructions for DV 4. Click on the default certificate. Your file should look similar to this. Hospedagem de sites Crie e hospede seu site com a qualidade e estabilidade do UOL.

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Cloud Computing: Veja como configurar e utilizar o OneDrive for business em 5 passos 1 2 3 4 5. Passo 2 Salvando seus arquivos na nuvem Acesse a pasta em que deseja salvar seus arquivos e clique em "Carregar". Passo 3 Compartilhe arquivos ou pastas Selecione o arquivo ou pasta e clique em "Compartilhar" no menu superior. Word Escreva, leia e compartilhe online. Simples assim. Outlook Acesse seus e-mails e contatos pela web de qualquer lugar, a qualquer momento. Para instalar os aplicativos, siga estes passos: