The Otterbox Defender and the Griffin Survivor.

Heavy-duty cases from OtterBox and Griffin now available for iPad Pro 10.5

So I decided it would be a good idea to do a comparison review on oxGadgets. The kind folks at Mobilefun. The Otterbox Defender. The Otterbox provides three layers of protection — first is a thin plastic cover which your iPad sits in. The thin plastic back clips together with a screen-protecting front cover.

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The second layer is a silicone back that wraps around the back and sides, outside the first layer plastic. This silicone layer protects the device from drops and impacts, and also against dust, debris, and some moisture. The final layer is a thick protective plastic outer cover that can be clipped over the front or back. This outer cover also has a built-in versatile stand than can be used to prop the device up in any number of configurations i.

Some holes, for example for the camera lens and the holes near the speakers to allow the sound out, are not provided with any cover, and so the case is not very waterproof. I would be fairly comfortable using it outside in the rain, but would be a bit more concerned if I dropped it in a puddle. Some are also available in different colours black, pink or grey for the iPad mini. Click here to see the Otterbox Defender range on mobilefun. The Griffin Survivor.

The Griffin Survivor comprises a polycarbonate back shell which the iPad mini sits it, then silicone cladding is wrapped around the back of the back shell, and wraps around the sides and the front onto the front glass of the iPad mini. The silicone cladding has an internal honeycombed structure, which provides even greater protection against knocks and other impacts.

Finally a protective plastic front cover with screen protecting window snaps on the front.

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All the holes and ports in the case are sealable, meaning this case provides a decent level of waterproofing against driving rain. Even the camera lens is covered by a silicone hatch that can be swivelled back when you want to use the camera. I would feel confident that this case would provide a decent amount of protection against the elements, and although Griffin do not claim this I would feel confident that it could protect the device if it was accidentally dropped into a puddle briefly.

The Survivor is provided with a rudimentary stand that can stay attached without getting in the way too much. Although this stand only allows for the iPad to be propped up in a landscape orientation, but can do two different angles in the same way as the Defender. They also do a fully waterproof iPhone 5 case. Click here to see the Griffin Survivor range on mobilefun. The Comparison.

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Firstly, I should say that both cases provide a high level of rugged protection, and it is hard to really distinguish between the two. I suspect in most cases it would come down to very specific individual requirements and preference. Having said that, each case has their strong points and weak points. On the other hand, the Survivor does not give great protection for the screen with only thin plastic scratch-guard, compared to the almost indestructible thick plastic outer-shell of the Defender.

Best Military-grade iPad Air Cases in

The stand that is built in to the hard shell of the Defender is much better than the little add-on stand that comes with the Survivor, allowing for the iPad to be displayed in both portrait and landscape. It installs like a slim case but has pretty thick bumpers around it. You can install 3rd party screen protectors on it as well.

Steve Elliott. You listed the wrong price for the Otterbox Defender for the Iphone 6 plus. I like the Otterbox Defender better because of the better quality holder. I like wearing my phone on my belt or use the clip to hang on my pants pocket. A lot of people buy cheap thin cases and they drop it then it gets damaged. You need to lose the Canadian flag where you post your review points, it looks tacky especially when Americans look at it. I have heard many people are complaining about a design flaw with the screen protector for the Otterbox Defender on their own website.

It sounds to me like the Griffin has the same problem. I wonder if you can use an Otterbox Defender belt clip holder on a griffin case? Thanks for the comment. The pricing on the Otterbox Website shows I have maple leafs but not Canadian flags. Regardless, the branding stays.

The Defender, with its poor fit, the bump in the screen protector which minimizes the sensitivity of the iPhone as well as adding to glare is a poor case, especially for the price. Cases like:. Ballistic Urbanite: Thule Atmos X3: My girlfriend is looking to buy either the Griffin Survivor or the Otterbox Defender. My two main doubts are how easy is it for the Survivor to open up because of a fall and how much damage can be brought onto the phone because of dust coming into the Defender.

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  8. Out of the box into the Survivor. Because of this my iPhone got a bit damaged. First, thanks for all the reviews, information and opinions! I have an iPhone 6 plus, I am a holster guy, meaning I like my phone on my hip not in my pocket. I have read a lot to my our reviews and watched lots of your videos.

    Can you suggest a case the has a holster other then the otter box defender. Water proof is not required, so drop proofing would be good, screen protector is ok but I have ghost sheiks on the phone already. I would just like your opinion or suggestion. I am having a hard time deciding and there does not seem to be spot of options. Thanks for your time and effort on all the reviews!

    I bought Defender and I soon regretted it. It makes pressing the power and volume buttons impossible. You have to press down really hard. The screen protector makes typing hard. You have to press down very slowly. That is a deal breaker because I type really fast. Needless to say, I am taking this back to Best Buy and going to get a Survivor.

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    March 16, Fibaro Flood Sensor Review — How good is this water leak detector? December 20, Want to help us out? How long does a review take? Mobile Reviews Eh. Which tough iPhone 6 case should you get? Find out in our Otterbox Defender vs. Griffin Survivor video on YouTube. Screen Usability 3. Functionality — One of these cases makes it hard to use your iPhone 6 Accessing your iPhone 6 through the Griffin Survivor is one of its best features.

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